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hotel villa cezar - kastela

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The Town of Kastela

The town of Kastela is situated in the Bay of Kastela, between two cities Split and Trogir. It has over 40000 habitants which makes it second largest city in the area.

the town of kastelaAt the time of Ottoman conquests, nobles (land owners) from Split and Trogir built the fortresses (castles – by which Kastela are named for) to protect themselves from Ottomans. With time people from surrounding villages populated the territory around the castles looking for some protection. That is how the 7 Kastela settlements were originated (Kaštel Sućurac, Kaštel Gomilica, Kaštel Kambelovac, Kaštel Lukšić, Kaštel Stari, Kaštel Novi, Kaštel Štafilić), when put together make the Town of Kastela.

Thanks to its geographical position Kastela are well connected with the rest of the world by SPU airport, exit to the highway Split-Zagreb, nearby ferry port in Split, railway and bus station. In the last two decades Kastela have turned towards tourism which can confirm the number of rooms and apartments available to travelers from all over the world.

Kaštel Lukšic

kastel luksicIn the middle part of the town of Kastela is situated settlement Kaštel Lukšić. Many believe that this one is the prettiest one of all 7 Kaštela’s „pearls“. Kastel Luksic was originated in the 15th century around the castle Vitturi, which is famous by its beauty and still stands in the very heart of the settlement. The stone castle was built by a noble family Vitturi. It is surrounded by defense towers and by the sea. It was connected to the land with the drawbridge.

To the castle Vitturi and castle Rusinac (also situated in Kastel Luksic) is associated a legend of a tragic love story between Miljenko and Dobrila. A story in many ways similar to the story of Romeo and Juliette will not leave anyone indifferent.