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hotel villa cezar - kastela

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Villa Cezar References


We will name several of a large number of agencies and companies whose guests we have accommodated until now; we have accommodated the guests of

  • Atlas
  • Guliver
  • Split Tours
  • Fortuna

The employees of the companies:

  • Tondah
  • Siga
  • Kingspan
  • Fliba
  • Multi
  • Korum
  • ZIK
  • Viševica
  • Pupis
  • Grasa
  • Orbico
  • Eurotrade
  • Proplin
  • STSI
  • TPZ
  • Mana Moda
  • Jadran Galenski Laboratorij
  • Flamingo IKI
  • Azzri
  • MTČ
  • KGK
  • Eurogrupa
  • SCAN
  • Qualitas
  • Zlomrex
  • Aluferit Građenje
  • Aeroflot
  • Knez Ljubo
  • Annyer
  • Geotehnički studio
  • Tehno Ekspert i drugi.

Many of the local companies recommend accommodation in Villa Cezar to their business partners:

  • Zlomrex Poljska i Željezara Split
  • Tangar
  • NIRD
  • Prva sportska kladionica
  • Porsche Inter Auto
  • Aerodrom Split
  • Sail Croatia
  • Navigare Yachting
  • Ultra Sailing i brojni drugi.

The employees of the following companies use our catering services: Porsche Inter Auto, Split Airport, Sail Croatia, Navigare Yachting, Ultra Sailing and many more.

We can organize catering of food and drinks for parties in your premises, or organize your celebrations for special occasions in the Restaurant Cezar. Feel free to contact us for christenings, birthday parties or business gatherings. Navigare Yachting, Allianz, Porsche Inter Auto and many others have already been our happy clients.

We would like to thank all of them for having chosen Villa Cezar, while all others are invited to visit us and experience the quality of our services.